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11 Ways to Make Moving Easier

Movers Matthews, NC: Moving is one of those tasks in life that has so many different steps, supplies, etc. that it always ends up being a complex process. By taking some minor steps, we can make our lives a whole lot easier. Follow the next 11 tips to make your move run smoothly and simply as possible.

  1. Get an Early Start
    • The earlier that you get started, the less you’ll have to rush and do later. When you are not rushing it not only makes it a tad less stressful, but it also gives us the time to do things right. In the end, by doing things right up front during a move, you save yourself a lot of work in the entirety of the move.
  2. Hire Professional Movers 
    • If you have not received a moving bid, and just assume you can’t afford it, it is advisable to check out and compare several moving options. Hiring movers is often a lot less expensive than people anticipate, so it may very well be in your budget without you knowing it. There is a lot to be said for leaving moving to the professionals, but one thing is for sure, it makes moving about one million times easier when the movers do a lot of the work.
  3. Don’t Be Afraid to Solicit Help
    • A lot of people do not want to trouble others with helping them with their move, but there is nothing wrong with occasionally helping friends to chip in. It can be as small as asking around to see if people after extra boxes you can use, or you can ask them to help you move everything. Just be ready to return the favor for your friend one day when they need help with a move.
  4. Hire Professional Moving Services 
    • There are various services that you can hire to make a move easier. Move out/move in cleaners, boxing services, moving assistants and, of course, movers. Even just hiring a couple of neighborhood kids to help box up some book or other simple tasks can help take some weight off of your shoulders.
  5. Pack a Bag for the First Week 
    • Pack all the clothes, toiletries, entertainment, etc. that you’ll need for the first week almost as if you were going on vacation. Instead of a bathing suit, pack clothes you don’t mind getting dirty while you assemble your new household.
  6. First to Open Box 
    • Setting aside a first to open box with things like utensils, food, chargers, cleaning supplies and that type of thing can save you a lot of time. There are just some items that we need right away, and there is no sense hiding them away in a place where we’ll spend hours searching for them. Pro tip: Use a translucent box, so that you can clearly see distinguish this box from the other, and you can also see what is inside of it.
  7. Label Everything 
    • You don’t have to be too specific about your labeling, but at the very least label what room boxes AND bags are supposed to go in. This way you won’t have to open something up to figure out exactly where it is supposed to go.
      Movers Matthews, NC

      Movers Matthews, NC

  8. Pack Carefully
    • The more time you spend packing, the less time you’ll need to spend unpacking. It can be tempting to just throw everything into boxes and bags, but it just ends up a jumbled mess. Instead, take the time to neatly and carefully pack all of the items, so when you go to unpack it is a simple process.
  9. Plan Rooms Beforehand
    • Make sure that you stake out exactly the function of each room in your new abode before you move in. This will help you label boxes and determine where items should go when you finally get to unpacking them. It is also important for when you are placing large items like furniture because no one wants to bother with moving furniture around a bunch of times.
  10. Take your Time Unpacking
    • There is no rush to get everything unpacked! Spend a certain amount of time each day unpacking, but don’t kill yourself doing so. This will also give you time to make sure that you set up your new home exactly the way you want rather than just slapping everything together as quickly as possible.
  11. Plan for at least One Thing to Go Wrong
    • It is not uncommon for people to have mental meltdowns during a move, and that is before something even goes wrong. Since moving is such a complex task sometimes things go wrong. If you anticipate this as a possibility, it makes it seems like less of a disaster when the “worst” actually happens. Just try to keep the problem in perspective while you continue working towards getting the move done rather than wasting time and energy on panicking.
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